I failed as a “hero” today


Back in February 2015 we had a scare in Utah. A car was stolen with a 3-year-old little girl (Bella Martinez) in the back. According to a press release from South Salt Lake police, the car was stolen outside of a 7-Eleven. Police also said the suspect frequents that 7-Eleven. As the story goes, the driver of the car parked and was approached by […]

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Was the Mayor of Baltimore just caught in a lie? (video)

Was the Mayor of Baltimore just caught in a lie?

After drawing criticism that she publicly announced that, as Mayor of Baltimore, she “gave those who wished to destroy space to do that”, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake has recanted – sort of. Now the Mayor is saying that she never really said that at all and that those who say otherwise are somehow “twisting” her words. “I never said, nor would I […]

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Baltimore is burning (video) (UPDATED 4/28)


Today, instead of focusing on the natural disaster that hit Nepal over the weekend, we’re being flooded with news from Baltimore – the next Ferguson. While there are questions surrounding the death of Mr. Gray, looting and rioting are not the way to redress these grievances. As it stands now, at least seven police officers have been injured, multiple police […]

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Utah: Good guy with a gun prevents stabbing (video)

Good guy with gun in Salt Lake City, Utah

According to what the police have reported, a man (the Good Guy) saw another man (the Bad Guy) slashing at another guy (the Victim) with a knife. The Good Guy stopped his car and ordered the Bad Guy to stop. The Bad Guy refused. The Good Guy (who is also a former Law Enforcement Officer) pulled his lawfully concealed firearm […]

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