The curse of Political Correctness: Islamophobia and racism

Political Correctness

I believe in the freedom of religion. I don’t think members of any church should be singled out and treated differently. This includes Muslims. However, anyone who uses their “religion” to instruct followers to violence and intimidation in the pursuit of ideological aims is not a religion – it is a terror cell. A “church-house” to store illegally procured weapons […]

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I am pro-choice – just maybe not how some define it


Let me put this on the record right now: I am pro-choice – just maybe not how some define it. Both the woman and the man had a CHOICE to be intimate together. They both had the CHOICE to engage in intercourse*. The consequence of those CHOICES is ultimately the creation of another human being. From the moment those two […]

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Vote Here

Many of you have asked about the specific objections the Party has to SB 54 (the Utah Legislature/”Count My Vote” compromise). Please see eight major objections below – (for the sake of brevity, preserving our Constitutional Rights is a given): The SB 54 “compromise” allows candidates who are not Republicans to run on the ballot as Republicans. It allows a candidate […]

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I failed as a “hero” today


Back in February 2015 we had a scare in Utah. A car was stolen with a 3-year-old little girl (Bella Martinez) in the back. According to a press release from South Salt Lake police, the car was stolen outside of a 7-Eleven. Police also said the suspect frequents that 7-Eleven. As the story goes, the driver of the car parked and was approached by […]

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