SuperDell Schanze Reportedly Chases and Kicks Bird While Paragliding (video)


A video has leaked, apparently shot from a helmet-mounted camera, where the pilot of a powered paraglider chases a bird (which the pilot identifies first as an owl, then as a hawk), and eventually kicks it. Then catches up to it again, and kicks it again. All the while gloating that he’d “kicked an owl in the butt”.

SuperDell Kicks an OwlThe voice on the video sounds very much like SuperDell Schanze. The paraglider has the same markings as the glider owned by Schanze, and in some parts of the video you can see that the pilot it missing part of his index finger — Schanze lost part of his index finger years ago.

The video, posted on YouTube, was taken down due to a copyright claim by Dell Schanze (original link:, which all but proves that the person in the video was Schanze, or someone Schanze knows and acquired copyrights from — if the takedown request was valid.

Watch the video and judge for yourself: is this SuperDell Schanze? Based on what you’ve seen, is the pilot harassing the bird? Is this animal cruelty? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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